Poker is undeniably one of the most popular table games out there. And it’s not only us, poker lovers, who think like that. Digits can’t lie: over 60 million of people just in U.S. alone love to spend some time at poker table and everything shows that it will be even more popular in future. After all, people play this game for centuries already. But what makes it such a popular game? Well, there are several reasons why so many people love to play poker. What’s most interesting is that every player has his own reason why he plays it.

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First of all, poker is a competitive game where one is competing with another people. For example, in the Roulette which is also an extremely popular table game person doesn’t compete with anybody. Instead of that he or she is just trying to guess the right number, color, etc. But in the poker you have players that are playing each against other. Many people play poker not only to win money – they EARN money. Yes, you heard right: there are thousands of people who are paying their bills with income from playing poker. But in order to do that you have to be a real professional: skilled person with huge experience and hours of practice. You also need constantly work on your game strategy, develop the new ones, consume lots of theory by reading appropriate literature and watching game-dedicated videos, analyze your game all the time, etc. And that’s another reason why many people love poker: because it allows you to become a professional in it. Unlike many other table games where you can win money in poker you can actually get a skill. While luck still matters skill and experience is what makes one a poker pro. Without skill and strategy you simply won’t be able to win in the long distance. This way many people love to feed their egos by a someone who is more advanced player than others. Plus poker is quite a versatile game that has many variations to choose from, so if you get bored from playing Texas Hold’em you can always switch to 7-Card Stud or something else. This way poker gives you a freedom of choice.

One more reason why poker is so popular today is because of relatively low entry barrier. It means that every player who wants to become one day a professional poker player can make his or her dream true. There are all conditions for that: thousands of articles online, dozens of YouTube channels where professional players explain the game and even online poker schools where you can master your skills. Becoming a professional poker player today is ten times easier than it was twenty years ago before the Internet. This is also the reason why poker became even more popular than it was. Finally, some of the professional poker players eventually become some kind of a rock–stars. Name Dan Bilzerian, for example. The guy made it with playing cards and now living his best life fulfilled with stunning models all around him and regular extreme activities that others can’t afford. While some people may not like Dan for his personality one thing is clear as day: he’s extremely famous and has lots of attention. Dan Bilzerian’s example clearly shows that now you won’t necessarily need to be an actor or a singer in order to have fame. You can be just a good poker player playing on high limits, winning lots of money and posting your luxury life to the Instagram, and there you go – you are famous as a rock-star.

But even if you don’t need all that fame and sport cars in your parking you can simply enjoy the game and its’ thrill. You don’t need necessarily to become a poker shark in order to have some fun. You can play on a budget you like and still have some nice time. The game is easy enough to learn basics but at the same time you can master it whole life what makes it the best choice for all type of players: casual ones that are here only to kill some time and the ones who are dedicated to become as good as they can be. So, to sum things up, it won’t be overstated to say that poker is a game for everyone.

Australian Online Poker

Australia is often considered as the land of gambling. Therefore, we aren’t surprised that poker is such a popular game in this area. There are many professional poker players from Australia: Joe Hachem, Jeff Rossiter, Jeff Lisandro (another Jeff), just to name a few. All these fellows participated in WSOP and have made millions of dollars there. But what about Australian Online Poker you may ask. Poker was and still is one of the most popular table games in Australia. Thousands of people all over across the Australia play poker every day. But few years ago things changed when Australian Senate decided to ban poker online in Australia. The main reason was taxation problems related to online poker: many offshore companies were offering their services to the poker lovers in Australia. It was hard for the government to regulate all these online poker rooms in Australia. That’s why they decided to ban Australian Online Poker at all. There was a big scandal back then and lots of international poker room operators stopped working with Aussies. While Australians still could access all those poker websites and enjoy their favorite game completely legally, it was a big risk for the operators that could be charged up to 8 million of Australian dollars per day!

Nobody wanted this kind of stuff happen to him – for the major poker operators it was simply not worth the trouble. That’s why many of them left Aussies and their extremely large gambling market. But the written above doesn’t mean that poker disappeared from the Oz – while biggest poker room operators indeed left Australia’s market, many other companies took their place because demand for Australian Online Poker still was high enough: thousands of people got used to play this exciting game on daily basis and didn’t want to give up their crush. For some of them, poker even became a main source of income so the government’s decision to ban this game online was the same as if they would get fired! People needed poker online: some for entertainment purposes, some for earning money. This niche couldn’t stay empty for a long time so the place of previous poker-room operators took another companies. Some of them allow people to deposit and withdraw their money with cryptocurrencies so they wouldn’t have any problems with law. Since cryptocurrencies aren’t regulated by the government people who play Australian Online Poker can use all the benefits of this payment method.

Of course, there are many websites that allow people to play Australian Online Poker for free without any mumbo-jumbo since they simply don’t offer any withdrawal options and player had to deal only with in-game chips and currency. While this still may look like poker it really isn’t the thing that thousands of Aussies loved online poker for. Without any banking option and possibility to win money player loses the most important part of the game: thrill. You also can’t take game seriously because you aren’t really afraid to lose anything but a free game chips. It’s the same as if you would go to McDonald’s to eat a salad there. Therefore, if you like to have some exciting and thrill fulfilled game then you should look only for Australian Online Poker websites that are listed above: they not only provide players with their favorite game but also allow to win some real money there. After all, it would be quite sad if one would spend his whole life to master the game of poker, read thousands of articles, watch hundreds of video, buy a special software to analyze his hands, maybe get himself a personal mentor and end up with playing Zynga-like poker where you can’t win any money.
Poker in Australia

Poker in Australia

Poker is an extremely exciting game: it takes one both skill and luck in order to win something. Originally an American game, it became worldwide thing since the 70s. Now there are millions of people all over the world that play it on daily basis. Thousands of men and women play poker in Australia too. Like now, in COVID-19 era (2020), when everything is in lockdown poker became even more popular game than it was before. People simply have nothing to do – clubs are closed, restaurants don’t work anymore, cinemas don’t work and any flights are cancelled all over the world. So what should they do sitting home all day long? That’s right, they go and play some poker in Australia in one of the websites above. One thing that attracts many poker players is that this game supposes a growth. While it’s based on luck, you can increase the odds if you stick to the right strategy and learn to read hands. It’s not that easy at first, but it pays eventually. More than that, many people made poker in Australia as their number one source of income: they even may leave their job and live only on the poker money. It’s especially actual in 2020-2021 since the COVID-19 crisis left many people without a job.

But even if you don’t have a goal of becoming some professional poker player you still can enjoy the game – poker rooms nowadays have thousands of people of any kind of level. Back in the 2017 Australia’s government decided to ban foreign poker operators in their country since it was hard to regulate them. While many major companies indeed left Aussies’ market poker in Australia is still alive. Many people continue to play it and get some nice money out of it. How it is possible, you may ask. Well, in order to play some online poker in Australia you will have to find some offshore website. It might be a risky thing since there are websites that claim to be a poker sites while they are actually nothing but a scam. Making deposit there might end up very bad for your financial state. In order to prevent that you can simply join one of the websites that we listed above – it will save you time and, perhaps, money. It was a questionable decision for Australia’s government to ban poker online back in 2017 – since there’s demand there always will be some offer. It was also naïve from their side to think that people will limit themselves with playing only free poker apps – playing with a play money will never give you the same feeling as playing poker in Australia for real.

Another thing that makes poker such an attractive game is that now there are dozens of possibilities to become a good player. You can find thousands of articles and hundreds of YouTube videos that eventually will help you to progress and improve your game. You can start with low limits and make your way to the really high ones. You can even make yourself a poker career that will help you pay your bills and may even become your number one source of income. Even if your main goal is fun playing poker in Australia still can be very rewarding. And it doesn’t require one to have bags of money in order to play it – as it was written above there are different kinds of limits and you can find one that will fit your budget without any problem. Then all you have to do is learn the basics of game (in case if you don’t know), choose the strategy, join some virtual room and start playing.
Play poker online with real money

Play poker online with real money

Nowadays there are dozens of apps that allow one to play poker completely for free. While it may sound a great idea for a practice purpose, it’s actually not. The problem of so-called free poker or why people choose to play poker online with real money at first place is that only by playing with cash chips you can play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Because there is no real money involved people play who are playing on free poker tables do it totally different than they would play if cash would be on the table. Players there have no fear of losing money so they make completely different decisions than they would make if there would be any real money bets. Most of the times they will play very loose and won’t fold even obviously weak hands preferring to play aggressively. Therefore, you can’t really learn to play poker when you are playing it on demo tables. Why? Well, simply because they have nothing to lose and in this case it’s not just a figure of speech.

You can compare it with boxing: if you will never go out to the ring you will never learn how to actually box. Or learning a language: you can’t learn a language if you never use it. Even if you will become extremely successful playing poker with play money and will have some nice winning streaks you can’t expect the same kind of result when you will join the table where real money is involved. This is mainly because players on the real poker tables are risking with their money. Unlike the play money, real money is something that one has to earn and some people work actually very hard to do that. That’s why when they play poker online with real money they think twice before making any decision. But when you play free version of poker players there don’t risk with anything therefore they can make extremely absurd decisions just for fun of it. Some punters consider playing poker with play money a good time killer. But in fact, it’s actually a waste of time because due to the reasons listed above you aren’t learning anything when you are playing it.

You will never become a skilled poker player if you won’t play poker online with real money and get out of your comfort zone. While some people don’t like the idea of losing money it’s actually the only way to master this game; not by playing it with play funds. After all, even the professional poker players lose from time to time. If you don’t like the idea of risking your money you can think of it this way: it’s your investment in your poker career. Or – in case if you aren’t interested into becoming the professional poker player – you can think of it as some kind of payment that you make in order to play the game that makes you feel good and gives you a chance of winning some money from others. In this case poker is really one of a kind thing: with other forms of entertainment, like going to the movie or a concert, you pay money that nobody will give you back – once you gave it away it’s gone; here, on the other hand, you have a chance not of only winning it back but also getting much more of your initial bet. Add some good strategy to it and you chances will multiply. Finally, playing poker with free chips eliminates the risk of losing real money but at the same time it also eliminates the factor of thrill that makes this game so exciting.
Real poker online VS free poker

Real poker online VS free poker

There are two ways how you can play poker: you can do it either with your real money, either with a playmoney help. Both options have their own pros and cons.

Pros of playing free poker: 

  • You can see how the software works and get the idea of online poker. It’s great decision if you’ve never played any poker online before. 
  • There is no stress since you can lose as many times as you want – you won’t have less money in your pocket because of that. 
  • You aren’t limited to your bank account – with playmoney you can play as long as you want. 
  • Free poker apps are good when you are somewhere where is no Internet connection. For example, when you go the mountains or having a long flight. 
  • Playing free poker games allows you to play with your friends and family members who aren’t willing to invest any money in the game. 

Cons of playing free poker: 

  • You will never become a good poker player by playing free poker. The reason for that is because people who are playing free poker options do it very loose. They don’t care that much about the winning since they won’t benefit from it anyway. People there play only for the purpose of fun and often can make weird decisions that they wouldn’t make if it all would be about the real money. Once again, it’s because most of the folks in free poker apps doesn’t really bother with learning different strategies, reading poker-related articles, watching special videos, etc. 
  • Playing free poker won’t give you any material reward (unless we aren’t talking about the freeroll tournaments – that’s a different story). 
  • In some meaning, playing free poker can be considered as a waste of time since you aren’t developing any skills and not getting anything out of it while playing it. But you still spend your time on it while you could spend it on mastering the real money poker and get some real things out of it. 
  • You aren’t actually playing the poker the way it’s supposed to be played. Sad but true. 

Pros of playing poker for real money: 

  • You can actually make it as your additional or even the main source of income if you work hard enough on mastering this game. 
  • You actually play a poker the way it’s supposed to be played. 
  • Even if poker is just a hobby for you, you still can make some money out of it if you are lucky / skilled enough. 
  • Poker for real money can ignite your inner competitor and give you the feeling of true victory. It feels totally different when you actually beat someone in a poker game that is played for real money. 

Cons of playing poker for real money: 

  • You can lose your money (though you can look at it as your entry fee for participating in the game). 
  • Sometimes it can get stressful (for example, if you are wagering with high stacks or have a bad steak). 

As you can see from the examples above, both games have their own pros and cons. But if you want your poker game be maximally rewarding then poker for real money is your only way to go. If tight budget is the only thing that stops you from participating real poker online then let us tell you something. Your budget isn’t a problem at all since many websites today offer different kinds of promotions, welcome bonuses and freeroll tournaments that they organize from time to time. 

Free online poker

Free online poker

Poker is undeniably one of the most popular table games in the world. Millions of people play it on daily basis so it was only a matter of time when free online poker would appear. Now the market is filled with apps that allow people to play their favorite game without risking a nickel. One of the most popular poker apps is Zynga Poker. Originally developed as a Facebook social app, it allowed people to play with their friends right in the social network without installing anything on their computers. The success of Zynga was really phenomenal: they had the most visited poker site in the world and huge user base that involved 38 millions of users (that’s all you need to know about how big free online poker is). You also could play it from a mobile device what made this game even more popular. But the problem of free poker is that you can’t really get anything out of it (and we aren’t talking only about the money now). By beating your friends in some kind of Zynga Poker analogue you will never actually get any skill of playing poker because people in this kind of apps never take this game seriously like they would if there would be cash involved. Much more better option if you would love to play poker but you are tight on budget would be to find a website with welcome bonus.

Welcome bonuses doesn’t make poker completely free but they definitely can help you to get in the world of flushs and straights. It’s a great opportunity so make sure you don’t miss it. Most of the websites above offer their new clients generous welcome bonuses. Another option for those who are seeking free online poker with a possibility of winning something would be so-called freerolls. Freerolls are called tournaments that have no entry fee meaning you can participate in a poker tournament and have a chance of winning some amounts of money without putting anything on a line. But don’t get too used to it because while freerolls are still much better than the playchip tables people there still play more loose than they would if their cash would be on the table. If you want to evolve as a player your only choice should be real money game. Of course, there is always a chance that you can lose but that’s exactly what makes this game so exciting. If you want to lower your chances of losing then you should learn the basic strategy of poker, read some articles and watch some videos (thankfully there are tons of them online so it won’t be a problem for you to find some). Then it’s just a matter of time (and practice) when you will start to win one tournament after another and will see how profitable and enjoyable game poker can be.

But the fact that free online poker can’t give you any material winnings doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. Yes, it’s definitely a waste of time for someone who wants to learn to play a real poker since the behavior of people sitting at playchip tables is totally different comparing to the folks who invest their own money in the game. By playing play-money poker you will never develop any real poker player skill – there is no doubt in that. But free online poker can be a good time killer if you are somewhere where is no Internet connection. For example, when you are flying somewhere in airplane this kind of games can help you to fight the boredom.
Best online poker sites in Australia- what are they and how to find them

Best online poker sites in Australia: what are they and how to find them?

Since poker is a game that is played mainly on real money (we are not talking about free poker apps right now) it’s important to find the right website. It would be pity to lose your money by dealing with some shady providers. That’s why, first of all, when you are looking for some good poker operator you should look if it has any license. If the platform isn’t regulated it’s highly recommended not to have any connection with it despite any bonuses that it can offer you. The second thing that you should pay attention to is a software. For example, if some game provider has their own mobile apps and / or desktop client (-s) it’s definitely a good sign since not every company out there can afford themselves to have a programming team that would develop this kind of stuff for them. Moreover, small companies that were created only to scam people most likely won’t see any reason to spend money on such software development since such websites eventually will be blocked by authorities.

Since there is real money involved (and the amounts of cash is mind-blowing when it comes to poker scene) you shouldn’t be surprised that there are scam projects that are using poker’s popularity in order to earn money by fooling the players. One of the ways how these websites can trick you is by luring you in with an attractive promotions and once you have made a deposit there they simply can block your account for some far-fetched reason. Another way how they can fool you is by holding your withdrawal. That’s what we don’t want, right? If answer is yes, then you should play only using trusted poker platforms and websites. How you can find them? Well, you could do it by yourself using the advices above or you can save your time and use one of the websites that we recommend since we already have done all the dirt work for you. Websites that we are recommending you have been proven to be fair by a thousands of players not only from Australia but many other countries as well.

These platforms offer their customers great player experience thanks to the high quality software, wide choice of payment methods, quick withdrawals, helpful customer support and, of course, great time. Even though many poker operators left Aussies since the new laws came into effect back in 2017 you still can play poker online in Australia: there are plenty of good websites and platforms offering you this amazing opportunity. It’s also important to keep in mind that poker website where you will be playing cards should be well protected since you will have to enter your credit card information there. This kind of data could be easily stolen if website isn’t properly protected. But with our poker operator list you shouldn’t worry about that since they all use encryption what makes impossible for hackers to get some of your sensitive data. The only thing that you should care of is choosing a password strong enough to protect your e-mail address since it will be required in order to use one of the websites above.

Finally, there is a privacy. While playing poker isn’t anything bad or something that one should be ashamed of there still might be reasons why some people wouldn’t like to advertise the fact that they are doing it. One of the reasons for that could be strict rules at their workplace or spouse that doesn’t appeal this kind of entertainment. If that’s the case they can calm down since all of the listed websites will never share your personal information with others.
How to play online poker in Australia

How to play online poker in Australia

While Australian government tries to close poker online in Oz it’s still possible to access a dedicated websites and play your favorite card game there. Back in 2017 when laws changed and things got stricter, many of the largest poker operators left the Aussie continent with their services leaving only playmoney option for those who wanted to have some poker on their websites. Some people tried to use VPN in order to access the real money game but it’s a big risk since it may end with your account being blocked. If that will be the case you can say bye-bye to your funds. At the same time, when ones poker operators left the Australian scene other joined in. So you still can play online poker in Australia if you like to. More than that, some of the new platforms offer a complete anonymity thanks to the support of cryptocurrencies. Good thing about these Australian poker platforms is that they have their own apps both for Android and iPhone with a Windows-client as well.

That makes you free from downloading and hassling with some VPN tools in order to play your favorite poker game. In order to prevent being blocked many of these websites change their domain names. If you will use their software then in most of the cases clients will automatically update and reroute to the new domain. But in case if it won’t work you can always do it manually with already mentioned VPN (thankfully, there are many apps and browser extensions for every your need). Now, with all the lockdowns online poker rooms actually is the only way how one could play his or her favorite game. Despite the fact that all of these companies that provide Australian players with poker services are offshore they treat Aussies the same way as it would be an Australian operator. They also regularly make all kind of promotions and offer different kind of bonuses so playing poker with them is not only comfortable but also quite profitable since you risk less and get more.

You also shouldn’t be afraid of being punished for playing poker online in Australia since it’s the companies who are providing their services to the customers will have to handle this. It’s because there is no such law that would forbid one to play his favorite game. All restrictions apply only to the websites that allow people to play poker online – not the players as such.
Online poker with friends

Online poker with friends

Poker isn’t only a way how one can feel himself as a winner and take a big bank out of the table. It’s also a great social activity, a game that can gather friends together at one table. And that’s another great thing about it. While it can be extremely competitive game poker allows one to play for fun as well. If playmoney isn’t for you and it makes you wrinkle your nose you are welcome to play online poker with friends using a small stacks. One could even play it for a pizza. While this kind of games won’t make you a poker professional neither will make your bank account bigger they surely will give you lots of joy and laugh. You can also find friends online if your real ones don’t play poker for some reason. In a matter of fact, now, when COVID-19 pandemic hits especially hard, playing online poker with friends would be the smartest decision in order to make everyone safe. In poker rooms online you won’t have to touch anyone’s cards or chips and you won’t need to worry about the disinfection.

What is also nice about playing poker from your computer or mobile device is that you can actually chat in the poker rooms and even make yourself a new friends there. Of course, this won’t give you the same experience if you would play it in real life with your friends in your kitchen but, on the other hand, this way you can meet new people not only from Australia but from all over the globe where ones are allowed to play poker online. You shouldn’t bother too much about the benefit when you are playing online poker with friends – remember that it’s all about fun. If you want to become a more skilled poker player than you are then you should look for some tournaments that involve players who you aren’t familiar with. Another great thing of playing online poker with friends is that you won’t need to spend yours (or their) time and money on the gas to get to them. It’s quite actual for Aussies since Australia is a big country and sometimes friends can live very far from each other.

Joining of the poker websites listed above allows people to play with each other just in a few clicks. It’s also very convenient since you can play with your friends at any time you like: just enter the poker room you like and let the game begin.
Free poker sites

Free poker sites

If you are looking for a free poker sites then you should do it carefully because like any other niche online poker is filled with questionable projects. If you don’t want to lose your money and time it’s better to use the websites that we already have sorted out for you. But what actually means free poker sites after all? If we are talking about the software then every website offers their customers its’ software completely for free meaning you won’t have to pay anything in order to download some of their mobile poker apps or Windows / Mac client. If we are talking about the game being free itself then it’s more complicated. While you don’t have to pay in order to use any of free poker sites services you still need to have some money that would be used for the betting purposes. You can look at this following way: you don’t pay anything for using one of the mentioned websites but you still need to make some deposit so you could have something to play with. Of course, you can always look for some poker sites that offer to play at demo tables but this isn’t the best idea since it won’t develop you as a poker player and won’t give you anything back, only will take your time. If low budget is the case then you should choose free poker sites from the list above since they offer their customers generous welcome bonuses and different promotions. Though there is one option how a lad or gal could play poker completely for free and it’s called freeroll tournaments. This kind of poker tournaments don’t require one to pay any fees in order to participate there but at the same time offer you a chance of winning some cash prizes. As you can see, there are plenty of free poker sites to choose from – choose one that is right for you.
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