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Online Casino

Online Casino

With every year online casino is getting more and more popular. The players’ demand for this kind of services is growing rapidly. But who could have thought playing some fruits slot machine in some of the Vegas casino halls back in seventies that just in few decades this colossus will be possible to easily store in such a small device like the mobile phones that we have right now? More than that, online casino allows you to have access not only to one game but hundreds of them! Even though some slot machines in land-based gaming halls can have multiple games inside of them still they will never be able to keep up with the enormous game catalogue that online casinos have. Because game assortment in online casinos is so big most of the websites now have different filters to help you find the right game much quicker.

For example, you can sort slots by the provider, your favorite theme, the presence of jackpot, etc. Another thing why so many people love online casino is because you can play it on mobile which brings gambling to whole another level. Not every person has opportunity to have a specially fixed time to play his favorite slots. But with mobile online casino you can do it practically on the go. It also works like a charm when you need to kill some time during the break at your work: while not many office workers can use their computers to play casino games because of their bosses who are usually monitoring their employees, it’s a piece of cake when you are using a mobile phone to play some of your favorite slots. Who, except you, can check what you are doing on your phone?

Playing online casino from mobile device also can give you extra profits since it allows you to complete different promotion wager requirements much quicker than if you would use only your computer to do that. Also when it comes to slots most of the online casinos will allow you to try them out completely for free by using so-called play money. You won’t even need to be registered in the casino in order to try out some games. While you won’t actually win anything there you will be able to get an idea of how it all works and what payouts you can potentially have if you decide to play using the real money. And while slots are the most popular casino game (according to the statistics there are 200 000 slot machines in Australia alone) and accumulates the most of income for casino owners (once again if we appeal to the statistics then digits say that slots bring 70% of the average U.S. venue income), let’s not forget about all those wonderful table games that modern casinos have to offer their customers.

BlackJack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and many other games can be easily found not only in land-based casinos but also in their digital analogues. Live table games are exactly the same as you would expect them to see in regular venue. The only difference is that you don’t need to carry lots of chips with yourself. Although for some people it can be downside if they like the tactical feeling that only holding real chips or cards can give the player. But what about the upsides? Well, if you choose to play some Poker or BlackJack in the online casino you can actually have more games in the same time period since playing online gives you a possibility of playing various tables simultaneously. As for socializing, you can’t really talk with dealers like you would in real casino, but you can easily write them a message in the chat (not the most convenient thing to do if you are using mobile though).

Of course there are some cons of playing games in online casino as well. For example, if you manage to beat the dealer and win some nice amounts of money you won’t be able to withdraw it right away – most of the times you will have to wait several days before you will get your money to your bank account. This is due to the specifics of different payment systems that online casinos are using. At the same time if you gamble in some land-based venue or gaming hall you can cash out instantly! Though it’s not that big issue. First of all, you will get all of the money that you’ve won while playing at online casino. The only difference here is that you will have to wait several days. But nobody is going to take your money away during that time and eventually it will be on your bank account.

Secondly, online casinos lately started to accept different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized they not only provide casino players anonymity but also offer ways faster payouts. If you wager with BTC or ETH you can expect to have money on your wallet less than in an hour. Great, isn’t it? But speaking about the “long” (long compared to the land-based casinos where one gets his money issued practically instant) withdrawals you can think of it as some kind of a price that you pay for the convenience that online casino gives you. And since we started to talk about money online casinos once again show their superiority in terms of convenience: there are many websites allowing one to use various forms of currency.

But if we are talking about old good land-based casinos then you are limited to use only the currency of the country that you are playing in. In case if you have run out of it you will have to walk out of the casino and go look for some exchange point where you also will have to spend some extra money on fees related to the currency exchange. We aren’t even talking about the luck that someone can easily steal from you while you will be running from casino to the currency exchange booth and back.
Online Casino Australia

Online Casino Australia

Aussies are known to the world as big lovers of casino games. To be exact, 6.8 million of Australia’s residents are constantly having fun like that. No wonder that online casinos are extremely popular here. While there are many pubs and other places where one can play some slots in Australia, you won’t get the same level of convenience there as you would if you would be playing online. Casino websites allow one to play from his living room and completely focus on the game. There is absolutely no distraction when it comes to playing online: you don’t have to listen some people gossip or their never-ending stream of curse words when the machine doesn’t want to give them bonus. You also won’t have to wait in line to get to one of your favorite games: there always is a spare seat if you like to play pokies.

You also won’t have to deal with non-operating and broken slot machines. It’s also much easier and convenient to navigate through online casinos in Australia rather than land-based venues. For example, if you want to play particular slot you can simply use the Search feature, enter the title of the game and the website immediately will show you this game. Everything is on the surface in online casinos. But when we are talking about the land-based venues one might have to walk through the whole gaming hall several times before he will find the pokie that he needs. We are not even talking about such a simple fact that online casinos unlike their brick-and-mortar analogues can store potentially unlimited number of games. What makes different online casinos in Australia especially attractive for the players is that one can play their favorite games anywhere and anytime he wants to.

With smartphones that now everyone has in his pocket this mobility and freedom of choice extends to the unseen highs. While there are some downsides of playing online all of them can be quite subjective. But still let’s take a look at each of them closely.

Drinks and meals

Land-based casinos usually have their own restaurants and bars so their players wouldn’t want for nothing. Most of the times they have really great dishes and drinks, we must give them that. It also brings additional comfort level to the customers: if you get hungry playing pokies you don’t have to bother yourself thinking where you could go eat or drink something at 3 AM. But there is other side of the coin: drinks and meals in most of the venues are overpriced. It’s much cheaper to cook yourself or even call a pizza guy to deliver you some Margarita rather than going to eat in some land-based casino. But, in fairness, we must admit that bartenders at some casino venues can make great cocktails with really fancy delivery.
Drinks and meals

Withdrawals at the online casinos

As it was discussed above getting winnings out of the casino is much easier in land-based venues. All you have to do there is just bring your chips to the cashier. Of course, there will be times when you will have to stand in line before your chips or slot ticket will be cashed out (especially if you are playing during some holidays or the weekend) but that is nothing compared to how much time online casinos usually take in order to withdraw some player’s wagers. But then again: by playing pokies online in some of the online casinos in Australia you can save some money on buying drinks and food in venues. Therefore, “long” cash-out procedure can be viewed as some kind of payment for the convenience that you can get from playing in the Internet.


If you are a social type of player then it’s easy to understand why you might like the land-based casinos so much. On the other hand, most of the online casinos in Australia nowadays have their own Live section where one can easily chat with the dealers and other players while playing one of his favorite table games.

Tactile feelings

Unfortunately, online casinos don’t have a technology that would allow one feel the weight of chips or having cards in your hand. On the bright side, there are mobile casino games. While they won’t give you the same tactile feelings as you would have holding real cards or stack of chips in your hands they still will allow you to have a deeper connection with the game rather than if you would’ve played it from the desktop.


Although most of the live dealer gaming providers like Evolution offer players to chat with the dealer and other punters, people are limited by text chat capabilities. For some players it may be a disaster since not everyone loves typing (not even talking about how uncomfortable it can be to type someone a message when you are playing from a phone with relatively small screen size).

Tipping on online casinos

This applies only to the table games that involve live dealers. While tipping someone is not your primary goal when you walk inside some of the land-based casinos it’s always nice to thank some dealer that made your day. Unfortunately, that’s not the thing when we are talking about the live casinos (not all though) because some of the major live casino suppliers like Evolution do not have the tip option.

Internet connection

If you have a weak or unstable Internet connection then it might be a real pain in the head to play some of the live casino games since you will drop out constantly. You also may lose the precious moment when you need to make a decision (especially if we are talking about games like BlackJack where players can actually affect an outcome of the game) and eventually lose the round because you wasn’t there when it was needed to Hit / Split or Double.

But then again: if you have a good Internet connection and convenience is more important for you than fancy cocktails from some venue’s bar then online casinos in Australia will definitely work for you.

Real Money Online Casino

Real Money Online Casino

In real money online casino you can find all games that you can expect to see in any land-based venue. In this sense Internet casino players aren’t lacking anything. The choice in online casino can be really HUGE. Of course, the majority of games are slot machines (or, how Aussies love to call them, pokies). As we mentioned before, online casinos aren’t physically limited by square meters of the building like land-based venues. Therefore, they can store as many slot machines as they want. It also eliminates the problem when one wants to play certain pokie but the seat there is already reserved by someone. With the modern technology help hundreds of players can play the same game simultaneously. Since one website can offer hundreds of pokies to their clients there is a Search feature so one could easily find the game he needs.

Some real money online casino sites allow to bookmark slot machines to get a quicker access to them in the future. It works the same way as book marking your favorite shows on Netflix or liking tracks on Spotify. Also real money online casino have various filters and sorting tools to save you from drowning in the ocean of slots that they have. For example, you can easily sort games by software provider, presence of jackpot, their rating and many other things. Besides that real money online casino have one unique feature: you can actually try out different games without even having to spend any money on them! That’s kind of thing that you won’t find in land-based casinos. The only downside here is that this works only with slot machines and doesn’t apply to table games like BlackJack and Roulette (though you still can get an idea of these games and how they work since practically every table game that is out there has been used as a theme by different software providers for their pokies).

Trying out pokies can be useful if you want to get an idea of the game or check out how payouts work. Only advice would be not to stick there for too long because after you get used to the game it becomes simply a waste of time – time that you spend playing pokies for fun could actually be used to get some nice winnings in real money games. When we are talking about the pokies there are many games and providers to choose from. It all depends completely on your preference. For example, NetEnt delivers high quality slots in all kind of aspects: feature-wise, graphics-wise, sound-wise, gameplay-wise. One of their most known games is: Dead or Alive 2, Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst. But that’s just the tip of an iceberg – if you dive into their extremely rich slot catalogue you will find plenty of other equally outstanding games.

Same goes for Microgaming as well: being one of the oldest software providers in the world of online casinos these guys have hundreds of products to offer their customers. Although having such a game-rich catalogue can have the other side of the coin. The more pokies are being released by certain game provider the harder it gets to keep a track on all of them. As a result some pokies aren’t updated for years. If we take a Microgaming, for example, then most of the games that you will find in their product list will have dated visuals and sound effects. But if you are retro game lover then you can see it as a highlight. Speaking of retro: players who love classic pokies with simple and straightforward gameplay won’t be disappointed by Novomatic slots. Originally developed for land-based casinos these games became extremely popular and now you can play them online as well.

One of the most memorable titles would be well-known Book of Ra that has at least nine (!) versions at the moment of writing this article, Sizzling Hot that is simply a fruit-pokie, Lord of the Ocean (pokie about the kingdom of the lost Atlantis) and Lucky Lady’s Charm with fantasy theme coming to you from the reels. All of the mentioned pokies (except the Sizzling Hot) have free spin bonuses with expanding symbols (except the Lucky Lady’s Charm). You also may increase your winnings in these pokies by participating in risky and exciting mini-game called Gamble: there you will have to guess the color of hidden card. If you will be right your winnings will be doubled; if not – you will lose what you’ve won before you entered the mini-game. So think twice before trying out your luck!

But if retro is not for you then you can try some of the Betsoft games – all of them have modern 3D visuals flavored with great setting. When you get tired of spinning the reels you can switch to some table games. In order to do that you have to move to Live casino part of the website. Playing live tables is a great choice when one wants to get away: you can flirt with pretty dealers there and have some chit-chat with other players. Besides the socialization part, table games are great in terms of odds: they have the lowest house edge among all the casino games and it can be lowered even more in some games if one uses the right strategy (we are talking about BlackJack right now). Playing live games in real money online casino has one perk: you can take several seats and play even on various tables simultaneously!

Although it is not a thing if you decide to play from your phone since their screen size are way too small to fit several tables. Are there any downsides of playing table games? Well, one of the greatest drawbacks of live casino games is that in most of the cases you won’t be able to complete the wagering requirements of different casino promotions (including welcome bonuses) by playing some Roulette or Baccarat. Reason for that is their low house edge. But once you’ve finished grinding for bonuses and all of the wagering requirements are completed you can come back to the Live section of the casino and have some splendid rounds of BlackJack or Roulette sessions.

Types of casinos in Australia

Types of casinos in Australia

Depending on what you like there are different types of places where one can play his favorite casino games in Australia.


The most common place where one can enjoy one of his favorite pokies along with some foamy drink. Latest years statistics say that there are at least 200 000 of pokie machines across the whole continent and 6 000 pubs and bars. More than that, Australia contains around 18% of all slot machines in the world. Main reason why Aussies go to the pubs is due to their availability: considering that there are thousands of them spread across the whole country it won’t take you much time to find one. Chances are that there will be at least one or even two pubs just right around the corner of your accommodation. Since there are at least 6.8 (!) millions of Aussies who love to gamble from time to time, pubs are always full of people thus making them a great place where one can socialize, meet new people and discuss the latest news. On the other hand, it can also be a downside if you are more like of introvert person who doesn’t like crowded places. Let alone the fact that in such places it’s much easier to catch some illness (especially sticky ones like COVID). You also won’t be able to play any of the table games like Roulette or BlackJack in the pub. Your only option will be to try your luck in some of video poker machines (one of the most popular video poker games in Australia are Mega Jack HD and Jacks or Better).


You can see why pubs are so popular in Australia: there are more than 6 000 of them while only twenty casinos are spread across eight states and working hard to supply the demand of almost 6.8 millions of gamblers living on this continent! Downsides of land-based casinos are obvious here: one has to spend some of his time and income only to arrive at the place of destination. In some cases it might be time and money consuming (for example, if player is living far from the venue). But if you are going to the casino not only to play some pokies (although casino area is many times bigger than casual pub thus allowing to have much more pokie machines than some of the local pubs out there) but to have a great night in general then visiting some of the venues can really be worth the effort.

First of all, the main difference between casinos and pubs is that casinos have lots of side entertainments. Most of the casinos have their own hotels where ones can enjoy their stay if they came from different city or even country. Living in a hotel near the casino allows you to have a quick access to all of your favorite games at any time of the day since casinos are working round the clock. Also you can enjoy some SPA-services along with splashing in the swimming pool.

In case if you are a bodybuilding enthusiast you can always attend hotel’s gym and do some squats there after some long night of playing. Casinos have their restaurants and bars where visitors can try out various cuisines and delicious dishes along with some fancy drinks. But if this is not enough for you and you want more you can go move to the rhythms of the music: casinos in Australia can offer you some great nightclubs where people are drowning in neon lights and dancing until the early morning.

Bars and clubs are great choice to shake off the stress that player have built up while sitting in front of some Poker tables. You won’t get bored in casino since they constantly do different kind of live entertainment events like concerts and other stuff. Thus, even if you won’t get too lucky playing some Baccarat or pokies you can always have a great time in this kind of place. Some venues offer even completely exotic and nonstandard ways how one can spend his time there: for example, how do you like the idea of going to play pokies and right after that warm yourself up with a session of… mini-golf? Finally, location: many casinos are resort type of venues located two feet away from the stunning beaches.

Thus casinos, unlike the pubs, aren’t only about playing pokies and drinking liquors – they are huge entertainment complexes with award winning restaurants, luxury hotels, spa and clubs. Secondly, casinos offer way higher freedom of choice comparing to pubs: due to the size of the venues players can choose between hundreds of pokie machines. Finally, casinos are the only place where one can enjoy the session of Roulette or spend some time playing Baccarat.

Online casinos

Online casinos is one of the most convenient ways how Aussie can play his favorite games. Not only they have more games than all Australian casinos put together but they also offer much safer environment. You don’t have to worry about losing your ID card (or trying to remember to take it with yourself to the venue) either having potential problems with other customers. Now, when most of the venues got closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic thousands of Aussies choose to play online casinos. If you’ve never played an online casino before, now is a great time to start because every new customer gets special welcome bonus from the casino online.

Online mobile casinos

As the name suggests, mobile casinos are the casinos that one can play from his mobile device. They offer great flexibility since one now can play at any time and any place he wants. The only thing that mobile casinos require is an Internet connection (like any other online casino though). You don’t even need a high-end phone in order to play some Roulette or one of your favorite pokies – any of those games can be easily run even on a budget devices. And since now everyone has a phone in his pocket you can see why mobile casinos became so popular.

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