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In the world where you have to pay literally for anything free slots sounds like something abstract. How one could gamble without having any money in his pockets? While it may look like something unrealistic you can actually find some free slots. These are so-called demo versions of the original slot games. They are there so players could get an idea of what the game actually is. You don’t need to spend any money in order to play them, not a nickel. More than that, in most of the cases player who would love to try out some slots for free won’t even need to be registered in the casino, not to mention making any deposit there. Playing demo-versions of slots also can be a great way to test some game’s RTP and / or volatility since demo-version works the same way as the original game.

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The only downside of free slots is that you can’t actually win any money there. You wager nothing and as a result you get nothing in a return. Therefore, it would be simply a waste of time to keep playing them once you got the game mechanics and know how the payouts work. In case if you are looking free slots only because you don’t like the idea of spending too much money on slot machines then you may relax since there are many games that allow one to gamble as low as one penny per spin (they are even called a penny slots because of that). You also may use some of the generous welcome bonuses that many online casinos nowadays offer to their new players. This can significantly help you if you are on a tight budget. Use these bonuses and keep an eye on the promotions that online casinos make on regular basis to get the most out of your game.
Things to pay attention when searching for free slots

Things to pay attention when searching for free slots

While you are playing free slots and only think of trying out the real money games here you have some things to keep in mind when you will actually decide to move from play money to real wagers.

First of all, make sure that you are playing in the legit casino. Casino where you are going to make wagers needs to be checked by independent auditors and have licenses issued by them. The next thing that you should pay attention to is game catalogue: how big it is? The more games it will have the better it will be for you as a player since this way you won’t be limited by slots with poor features. As for slots you should always look at their RTP, volatility, features they have, maximum wins and presence of jackpots. RTP here stands for Return to the Player. It’s basically how much money in percentage will be returned to the player. The higher is the percentage the better. For example, if slot machine has 95% RTP it means that 95 of 100 dollars wagered by players eventually will come back to them.

The higher will be RTP the lower will be casino’s house edge in the particular game. But please don’t be naive thinking that you will put 100 dollars inside the slot machine with 95% RTP and it will give you back exactly 95 dollars. Thing is that RTP works on the long distance and since every spin outcome is totally random there is no guarantee when you eventually will get back your money. It also would be very predictive and would completely remove any kind of thrill that makes casino games so exciting if one would know the exact amount of money that he will get back! Also you shouldn’t forget that besides you there are hundreds of other players out there since online casinos – especially the ones with free slots – have no physical limits. They aren’t limited by square meters like the brick-and-mortar venues are. That’s why one slot game easily can be played by hundreds of players simultaneously.

The only things that it could cause are the server loads but since all games are hosted by software providers with powerful and reliable hardware it shouldn’t be a problem neither for casino owners nor the end users (you won’t experience any delays or bugs). Why it’s so important to understand that you are not the only one who is playing free slots online? Well, simply because all of the money is divided between different players. For example, it may happen that you make a deposit and first spin will give you someone’s hundred bucks. Let’s say some slot has RTP of 95% but you got lucky and right from the start managed to get the Free Spin bonus or whole reels of Wilds and Scatter symbols. You can leave the casino with hundreds if not thousands of dollars (depends on how big was your initial bet before the bonus launched since you can’t change the size of bet once the Free Spin round starts; how many Free Spins, Scatters and Wilds you actually got and how lucky you was during the bonus round itself) resting in your pockets.

There are many known cases when players with relatively small bets leave with multi-million jackpots on their account. By the way, jackpots are just another good reason why you should leave playing free slots after some time: while it may be fun thing to do it would be quite pity see that you got really lucky and won the big prize but you can’t get anything out of it since you were playing only the demo-version of the game. It might be a really frustrating experience after which one can start to beat himself up for not using the real money to play slots. Most likely you will say to yourself: damn, why didn’t I wager some real money in this slot? This also applies to the ones who are playing for real money but not using Max Bet option in Jackpot slots: it would be really sad to hit some jackpot and realize that you can’t get anything out of that couple million dollars worth prize simply because you haven’t pressed the Max Bet button once you started to spin the reels.

Summing it up, you should always check the slot’s RTP but you also shouldn’t forget that there are other players playing it as well and considering that winnings are divided between all of the casino clients it can be that you actually win someone’s dollars. And even if you won’t you can think of RTP as of the price that you pay in order to enjoy the game and have a chance of winning something. Next thing that is very similar to RTP is slot machine volatility. Volatility shows how often one can win the game. There are high, medium and low volatility games. Playing high volatility ones winnings will be more rare but they will be much more significant. If you choose this kind of slots you have to understand that it might take time before you actually make something out of it.

Make sure you have enough time to play it and what’s more important enough balance (because if you don’t have enough time to sit and wait there when slot actually will give you something you can simply put the Auto-mode on and go do your stuff – most of the slots in online casinos today have this feature; in some of them you can even adjust how long you want reels to be spun). Otherwise it would be sad to spend all of your deposit and not even get to see some bonuses. If budget is your main concern or you just hate to see a series of empty spins then you can try medium and low volatility games: there you will have way more wins but most of the times they will be smaller than in high volatility slots. You can find all the information about certain game’s RTP and volatility on the Information page of the slot that you would like to play.

There you will also see the information about the maximum possible win that you can get from this slot if you are lucky enough and all the features that it has. Most of today’s slots have Scatters, Wilds and Free Spin bonus that became kind of a standard feature for modern casino games. In some of the slot games you can even buy the features for money but you always should weigh the risks and potential reward before you do that.
Modern Slot Games vs Retro Slots

Modern Slot Games vs Retro Slots

So-called retro slots make up a significant part of the online casinos’ game catalogue. While many players find them outdated they still have their own twist. It’s true that visuals in vintage slot games look modest and game sounds are extremely simple. You also won’t see many features in these games. But they do their work impeccably when it comes to recreating the old-school vibe and bringing the nostalgic tear to eyes of the player. Main theme of retro slots is fruits. That’s also the reason why they are often called a fruit slots. In most of the times vintage games have only three reels while all modern slots have at least five. You really won’t find many features in retro games (you can forget about the Free Spin mode and bonus games) but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have features at all.

One of the most common features in fruit slots are Hold and Nudge features. Hold feature allows player to fix one reel while other two will be set in motion. This might help player to form a winning combination. It’s a great feature to use when you get on one of the reels some really rare and highly paid symbols. Another feature that can be activated randomly is called Nudge. It allows player to move single reel down by the one position. Why would you need it? Well, every free slots player that plays these games often enough probably had the following situation dozens of times: you get two of the symbols of the same type and you need only one more in order to get a big win. It can be quite a frustrating feeling when you see that you’ve almost won and you lack just a little bit to make things happen.

And this is when Nudge feature comes for help: you simply press the Nudge button and one of the reels where the necessary symbol is missing goes down by one position. While it doesn’t guarantee you a 100% win it still can improve your chances of getting the prize. One more thing that makes modern slots different from retro games is variance of themes. As we mentioned before main theme of old-school slots were fruits, so whole reels were filled with cherries, bells and sevens. Unlike them, more modern games offer you to play slots with all kind of elements there can be. Thus you can play slots that may have zombie symbols all over across the reels (Immortal Romance, Blood Suckers, Dracula), your favorite movie characters (Game of Thrones, Kong, Terminator 2) and much other interesting stuff.
The best free slots

The best free slots

If you want to play only the best free slots then you should start with selecting the right game provider. One of the best slots now is being developed by NetEnt company. Not only they are very pleasing to the eye but also offer lots of various features. Some of their slots have even Progressive Jackpots. If you are into 3D you probably will love to play one of the Betsoft’s games that have both modern visuals and funny setting. Therefore, not only they will impress you with modern picture but also will bring a smile to your face thanks to the uncommon game concepts. How the slot called Who Spun It could leave someone indifferent? Finally, if you are looking for the maximum freedom of choice you should check out some Microgaming slots. Being one of the oldest game providers in online casino industry these guys are like slot godfathers: their game catalogue is simply out of competition. By choosing Microgaming you can be sure that you will find there all kind of slots you like.


Countless bonuses are what really spice things up when we are talking about the casino games and free slots in particular. Slot features can really make a difference: just imagine how big your winnings might become if you hit some Free Spin bonus and get lots of Wild symbols on your reels during those free spins. That’s why you should never underestimate free slots with bonuses.

Most common bonus in today’s slot games is an already mentioned Free Spin feature. Most of the times it’s activated by gathering three to five Scatter symbols on the reels of slot. Although some of the latest slot games offer player to buy the bonus round, in our opinion paying money to unlock the desired feature might kill all the excitement and thrill that you would get if you would actually grind for that feature. But it’s all up to you.

Note: some online casinos make different promotions from time to time where one can get free spins in one of that casino’s chosen games. So make sure to keep an eye on this kind of stuff and don’t miss great deals like that.

Another typical slot bonus is Pick and Win game where one has to pick some objects with hidden rewards. Some of the objects hide bigger rewards while others contain much smaller prizes. To make things more interesting there usually are some drop out objects – once you pick them the bonus game will end and you will be returned back to the main game.

Wilds – so-called Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol on the reels (except Scatter and bonus ones) to make a winning combination. There may be several types of Wilds.

Sticky Wild – as the name suggests, this Wild sticks to the reels and gets fixed there for some amount of spins in order to help player form a winning combination.

Floating Wilds – also called Walking Wilds this type of Wilds once one of them appears on your reels start to move from one side to another. By each spin Walking Wild moves by one position to one of the sides. Some slots even have two Walking Wilds like NetEnt’s The Invisible Man where one Wild is moving from left to right and other one is doing it vice versa.

Stacked Wilds – this type of Wilds that comes in stacks of few. Sometimes they can even fill the whole reel with them (so-called Expanding Wilds).

Multipliers – yet another great casino game bonus. Multipliers simply multiply your winnings. Some of free slots with bonus can offer their players multipliers that can go up to mind-blowing x16! Depending on the slot there are several ways how one could activate the Multiplier. For example, in some games you simply need to have a win. Once you’ve won something the Multiplier (usually of x2) will be activated. If you manage to land one more winning combination right after the last successful spin not only your prize will be doubled but you also will increase the Multiplier value that will keep growing as long as you will be making consecutive winning spins. But as soon as you will fail at least once it will be reset back to the x1. And that’s the most exciting part about Multipliers: you can’t get the highest Multiplier right from the start. Getting one is a gradual process and knowing that at any moment you can easily lose what you already have achieved spices things up incredibly. In other slots with free bonus you get Multiplier of x2 instantly by just entering the Free Spin round. And in some games – like Steam Tower, for example – you can increase it along the way.

Respins – unlike other slot features this one actually will cost the player something. Every time you make a spin you have a chance of re-spinning one of the reels. While you will re-spin one of the reels others will stay fixed on their place. It can help you to form winning combinations. These respins cost money (the exact amount you can find under the Respin button). Depending on the symbols that you already have got on the neighbor reels price for the specific Respin will differ. So, if there is a chance of winning some really nice amounts of money thanks to the Respin feature you can expect to be charged respectively high for that second chance.

Jackpot – if you want to have a really juicy prize then you should aim for slots that have jackpots. Winnings in one of those can be really life changing because most of them have abnormally big pots. Just think of it: a single spin can possibly make you a millionaire! The only downside of this type of games is that chances to win Jackpot there are relatively small but at the same time you are required to wager a Maximum Bet. So it’s completely up to you: play them or pass by. But if you are not planning to place Max Bets then we would advice you to play some other slot games otherwise it can be quite frustrating to win some millions and miss them just because you didn’t wager the Max Bet.

Gamble – the Gamble feature is probably one of the most controversial slot bonuses that are out there. If we are talking about any other game feature then all of them serve only one purpose: to multiply your winnings. But when we are talking about the Gamble feature this bonus can work both ways: it can both multiply your winnings and take them from you. The outcome of this bonus is always a matter of luck. How it works? As soon as you win something you can gamble it. In most of the games you will have to predict the color of hidden card. If you guess correct your winnings will be doubled; if not – you will be kicked out of the bonus game and as the result you not only won’t double your winnings, you also will lose everything that you have won before you chose to gamble it. On the bright side, you can always stop gambling and leave with multiplied prizes just by clicking the Collect button. Also not so long ago Microgaming has released slot machines that allow you to insure half of your winnings so you won’t lose all of them if you fail to succeed in the Gamble bonus.

As you can see, there are many features to be found in the world of slots. You also may have additional bonuses if you use one of the casino’s promotions and / or welcome packages.
Slot Machines in Australia

Slot Machines in Australia

Australians love to play slot machines: you can tell it just by looking at the digits. Statistics say that at least 6.8 millions of Aussies are spending their time in all kind of casinos. Not only time but money as well: nearly $20 billion are spent every year by an Australia citizens for their gambling needs. As you can see there are many highrollers among the Aussies! Keeping this fact in mind many casino software providers are working hard to develop the slot machines especially for this type of players. If you consider yourself a highroller as well you can try out following machines: Space Wars, Pistoleras, Genie Jackpots. All of them allow one to make some really big bets and play game with high stacks. In fact, slot games are so popular in Australia that its’ residents even have their own word for it.

Reasons of their popularity are obvious: slot machines are easy to learn and easy to play. They also are much more fast-paced than casino table games. You have no betting time like it is in the Roulette and you also don’t have to wait until other players will make their decisions like it is in BlackJack. More than that, you can even set the reels in motion without even pressing anything just by choosing an Autoplay feature that most of the slots have right now. Also slot machines in Australia are quite a no-brainer: you don’t have to keep in mind any strategies because there is no such strategy that could lower the house edge if we are talking about the slot machines. Although some people naively believe that stopping reels in certain moment could affect an outcome in Australia’s slots online it’s actually nothing but an urban legend.

The truth is that each spin result is chosen by the Random Number Generator even before you actually make a spin. The only thing that you could change by hectically pressing the Stop button is the pace of game. It’s good if you are highroller who doesn’t want to sit all day long before the slot machine will “decide” give you the desired Jackpot. You also could play like that if you are in a rush and need to go soon (although in this case it would be much wiser to use an Autospin feature). But if you are doing that only to “catch” some bonus symbols that are peeking out the edge you can forget about it – they are there just to tease you. Stopping reels won’t bring you closer, not even one iota. Keeping that in mind you can relax, grab some drink and just wait for your time to come.

In that sense, playing slot games can be much less stressful since you control nothing. Therefore, if you have some unlucky spins you can’t really blame yourself since the outcome of every game round is entirely controlled by the Random Number Generator. Compare it with the same Poker where one is in charge of his winning streak: how would you feel to lose some nice amount of cash just because you got misled by someone’s bluff? Especially if you had good cards on your hand. Thing that can never happen with you if you choose to play slot machines in Australia.
Online Slots Australia

Online Slots Australia

Lately Aussies prefer to choose the more comfortable environment thus going to play slots in the online casinos. One of the main reasons of that is because online casinos have many times larger game catalogues than brick-and-mortar venues. Even relatively small websites usually store hundreds of games for any taste. This is simply because digital casinos aren’t limited by square meters so they can have unlimited number of games that are easily to find and sort. Playing online slots Australia you won’t have a problem when some of your favorite machines can be taken by some player. In virtual casino one game can be played by hundreds of players simultaneously. Playing slots right from the computer also eliminates all kind of distraction that you get in physical casinos: you are free of listening other peoples’ gossips and swearing that they release out themselves when machine doesn’t want to pay.

If you play online slots Australia from your home you also won’t have to deal with any drunken person that potentially can start bother you. You also can save plenty of money if you are playing casino games from your living room since in this case you won’t need to buy an overpriced drinks and food in some land-based casino restaurant. Same goes for other kind of expenses that is related to visiting a real life casino. Those could be expenses on transportation and residence if you are moving to other state just to play one of your favorite casino games. Online slots Australia work the same way the slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos. The only difference here is convenience and ease to play. Ones of the most popular slots in Australia are Gold Vein, Wolf Gold and Wild Diamond 7x.

All of these three games have some Wilds and Free Spin feature in their arsenal that allow one to drastically increase his (or her) winnings. Last but not least: playing online slots Australia is much safer than going to the brick-and-mortar casino. Agree that it’s way harder to catch any kind of illness when you are playing from your living room rather than a public place like casino. It’s especially true when we are talking about such a contagious stuff like COVID-19. Since pandemic struck the last year many pubs with slot machines as well as casinos were closed. So now the only option for Aussies to play their favorite games is to visit an online casino. For some people it will mean changing their habits but for most of them it will be absolutely painless and pleasant experience considering all the welcome bonuses and promotions that online casinos offer their new clients who love to play slot games (and not only).

Funny fact though: despite how many people love to play slot machines in Australia there aren’t many Aussie-themed games. It’s even stranger considering that Australians have plenty of exotic stuff in their wildlife starting with koalas and kangaroos and ending with wombats. This alone could simply attract many gamblers yet Aztec and Ancient Egypt themed slots still keep dominating the industry. Perhaps things will change for good in the future, let’s hope.
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